Meet The CEO

Ambitum Innovations' CEO John Butler’s career has been mostly based around the hospitality sector, through hotel and bar management. In recent years has turned his experience in management to the marketing sector. Since his initial venture into the market, John has been working with some of the biggest brands in the UK and Republic of Ireland in the energy, charities, telecommunications and financial sectors.

“I saw a gap in the market for a direct marketing approach that could be applied across every market. My experience in people and brand management within the bar and restaurant industry allowed me to understand what could be achieved for other industries around the UK and Northern Ireland.”

My vision for Ambitum Innovations is two fold. Firstly to provide me and my team with a platform to become entrepreneurs in the world of marketing and brand management, something that would have never been possible being in the employ of someone else. Secondly, we endeavour to provide an innovative and versatile service for our clients where we can help them flourish within the modern, constantly changing marketplace.

Our objective is to expand with our current clients here in the UK and Northern Ireland as well as expanding our own client base around the world.

John Sig