Leader - Ambitum

As the owner and CEO of Ambitum Innovations, John Butler is often asked what drives him as both a leader and a direct marketing expert. In response, he states that his personal goals are also the focus of Ambitum Innovations and that personal growth as a leader is the foundation of business growth.

“A leader can never become complacent. A part of every day must be spent expanding your knowledge base and then evaluating your leadership abilities.” He understands that the world around him is in constant flux and, as a result, it is vital to do more than be aware of the changes as they happen. “A good leader will do this, but a great leader will be an influencer, a literal part of the changes that make life better for everyone involved.”

This takes setting aside a part of his busy schedule to read, watch videos, and even go to classes and seminars to expand his reach. Not only will he grow personally, but John Butler brings to his team what he has learned so that others might grow along with him. “I encourage everyone on my team to continue expanding their knowledge because this is the key to success.”

The team at Ambitum Innovations also help their clients understand that business growth is so much more than superior marketing. Since personal growth is such a huge part of corporate success, John Butler’s team follows a plan which they revisit regularly to stay on course.

They learn to do more of the things that work while doing less of those things that don’t bring results. Together they begin doing things they haven’t tried yet, which has set them apart as marketing pioneers. Unfortunately, too many leaders don’t take the time to evaluate their successes and failures. They just keep plodding ahead and, as a result, simply stop growing.

It has been said over and over that teams are only as effective as their leaders, so it makes sense that John Butler continues to focus on personal growth. This is what he brings to the table at Ambitum Innovations and what the team bring with them to clients they serve.

It is only in understanding that knowledge is a powerful tool and that knowledge of self is the most powerful of all, that leaders can break through the barriers holding them back. Herein lies the truth that sets John Butler and Ambitum Innovations apart from other marketers. Always eager to learn and grow, this is one team that continues upward growth both for Ambitum Innovations and clients they continue to serve.