In the traditional perception of coaching, knowledge or experience is imparted from coach to students. However, John Butler CEO and owner of Ambitum Innovations has a totally different understanding of what coaching means to him.

“There is something inherently rewarding about coaching others to greatness,” he says. “I never understood how rewarding it was to coach others until I had the opportunity to be a business coach and mentor.” The founder and driving force of Ambitum Innovations continued to explain how much he had learned from those he was tasked with coaching.

“Everyone has a story to tell and although there may be similarities, each person has a different take on what life has thrown their way,” he acknowledges. “It is in the sharing of our stories that we begin to broaden our horizons.”

What John Butler is referring to is the way in which the sharing of stories helps each person understand that literally anything in life can be viewed in different ways. It’s all about how our past experiences have shaped the person we’ve become. It doesn’t mean that we can’t change, it just means that in order to experience change we need to learn to break through barriers to get a broader vantage point.

“Many people call this breakthrough ‘thinking outside the box,’” the CEO of Ambitum Innovation explains. “It’s all about stepping outside our comfort zones to try something new, something that may seem foreign to us based on our background but was obviously effective for someone else.”

While most people look to coaches to inspire them, John Butler says that he, himself, is just as often inspired by those he is mentoring or coaching. Sometimes it’s something as simple as the faith others place in him and other times it’s the way in which others approached what could have been major obstacles in their path.

“I see coaching as a shared journey,” he concludes. “Although I bring along with me a history of successes in my line of work, I also recognise that there are other roads to the same prize.” Here is where the owner of Ambitum Innovations expresses his sincere gratitude for the many stories he’s had the privilege of hearing in his journey as an entrepreneur.

“Many of the experiences shared with me over the years gave me insights I otherwise may never have been privy to. I may be giving a workshop to budding entrepreneurs but each has something to teach me as well.” Armed with new understandings of the plight of others gives John Butler the incentive to get back out there coaching. In the end, this insightful CEO is just as ready to learn as he is to teach and many believe this is what has led to Ambitum Innovations’ amazing history of one success after another.