Why do we have dreams or goals for ourselves? Something behind that idea drives us forward and makes us want to achieve something more significant. That something is called passion. Without passion we’re nothing, we feel no emotional attachment toward our goals and due to that nothing would ever drive us forward. “For us at Ambitum Innovations, passion is essential for success because it drives us and helps us understand how much we want something. Our passion for business and marketing is why we’re in this field in the first place,” says John Butler managing director of Ambitum Innovations. In addition to having passion, one must also have strive.

Passion and strive together make an excellent combination for success. Take the example of goal setting towards something. Maybe you want to start and join the gym for exercise and health purposes. By joining the gym, you may work out slightly and see that nothing is changing for you. But when you do something with passion and develop a certain mentality towards your goal, it’ll help you achieve something more greatly and with purpose. “Having passion in any kind of goal or dream gives you a reason to believe in yourself and your route. Everyone is built for something in this world, and by instilling passion into our lifestyle, we make everything much livelier,” says John Butler of Ambitum Innovations.

Nelson Mandela had said, “There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Passion means that you’re willing to live to the fullest and it allows you to utilize your full potential. This is why at Ambitum Innovations, we believe that instilling passion within yourself is the greatest tool towards success. It is important as building your ideas and it will help tremendously.