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In today’s ever-evolving world of marketing, Ambitum Innovations look at why so many marketing strategies have not met with the successes marketers had envisioned. According to John Butler, owner, and CEO of Ambitum Innovations, it’s all about connection.

“Actually, connection is the key to any effective marketing strategy,” he says, “and until you understand what it takes to connect with your audience, you will not have the level of success you have set for yourself or your company.”

What John Butler is referring to is what many are now calling the “Millennial Mindset.” Today’s consumer wants that sense of connection, a relationship, with any company they do business with, and that should be the foundation of any marketing strategy.

This highly energetic and people-centric CEO goes on to say that, “At Ambitum Innovations, we are all about developing a connection that leads to a lasting relationship with customers. As industry leaders in direct marketing, we understand that the businesses we serve need to learn what it takes to form this connection and how they can better forge a bond with their audience.”

Once that connection is established, it’s time to move on to the remaining two of the 3Cs of Successful Marketing (Connection, Communication, and Community). John Butler begins connecting with his audiences by talking about his years in the hospitality industry where he learned to communicate with his customers in a way that identified their needs without being overly intrusive. And, there you have the second “C” which is Communication.

Ambitum Innovations connects by telling their story which, in turn, opens the floor to better communication. At that point, a sense of community is formed and it’s easier to overcome objections when that person, that business, feels like you have that connection that forms bonds.

“This is why we see our role as marketers as that of being mentors,” John Butler says, “because we understand that shared experiences are all part of a learning process. Whether we set out to mentor businesses we serve or teach those businesses how to mentor their customers, it’s still all about those 3Cs, Connection, Communication, and Community.”

There you have it in a nutshell. “By connecting through better personal communications, you become a likeminded community that focuses on a common goal. That goal is success and that’s what Ambitum Innovations has to offer,” he concluded, “the road to lasting relationships that grow together. When our clients prosper, so do we. That’s the key to our success.”