One of the things a marketer loves to hear is when a company that started from a garage, with only the vision of an entrepreneur, suddenly becomes a corporate wonder – one for the history books. In recent news, that’s just what happened (again!) with Amazon. John Butler of Ambitum Innovations says this is a lesson to be learned by any who would enter the world of commerce.

In the beginning, Jeff Bezos had a vision of explosive growth when he opened his online bookstore from his garage in 1995. Laughingly, he looks back at the way in which his server, also located in the garage, took so much power that his wife couldn’t run a hair blower without tripping a breaker. It took only a month to sell books to all 50 states and after that, the rest, as they say, is history.

“While every company, online or brick-and-mortar, can’t aspire to reach the trillion-dollar (USD) net worth mark, they can still have visions of doubling in value over a year’s time like Amazon just did,” remarks the CEO and owner of Ambitum Innovations. John Butler knows all too well that companies like Microsoft and Amazon began with the vision of an entrepreneur willing to put everything they have into making something work. “They are the pioneers of innovation and that’s what we want to offer our clients at Ambitum Innovations when working with them on direct marketing strategies.”

What it takes is a broad reach and that’s what made Amazon the Amazonian merchant website it has become. As the world’s largest online marketplace, there isn’t a corner of the earth which Amazon can’t reach. Always open to exploring new possibilities, Amazon offers merchants an opportunity to share in the company’s success.

Today’s consumers can find literally any product they are looking for on Amazon and each merchant can set their own price tags. When it comes to price wars, Amazon is the epitome of all that is good about giving consumers a choice in retailers. This is the message John Butler wants his clients to fully appreciate.

“It isn’t how big you are now or how humble your beginnings,” the owner of Ambitum Innovations explains, “It’s about your vision, a relentless desire to succeed and a super-effective marketing strategy.” Those are some of the elements that brought Amazon to the heights it now enjoys as the second US company ever to hit the one-trillion USD net worth mark and those are the elements marketing expert John Butler hopes to bring to each and every one of his clients throughout the UK and abroad.