Ambitum Innovation Shares The Value of Positive Speaking Habits

The greatest tool and asset to be used in our daily life is our words and positivity. Speaking in a positive manner can uplift situations even when they are in the darkest places. Words of wisdom, positivity and light are often those that provide us with the power to think outside the box. According to psychological studies, an individual’s subconscious understands what is heard literally. In doing so, the mind and body also follow those words. “Essentially, when you speak positive words and mantras, you’re building yourself up and influencing your actions and confidence. Words you tell yourself and hear around you impact you on the daily. You should know that words carry as much power to build, as they do to break,” says John Butler, managing director of Ambitum Innovations.

There are various ways you can work on your words to help you influence your mindset and future. One technique which we proudly utilise daily at Ambitum Innovations is that rather than saying something negativity, we offer a solution and look at situations in a different perspective. For example, rather than saying “they are really boring and stupid” try saying “perhaps they see something uniquely and their perspective is different as well.” “Being an individual that offers a positive sentence to any negative or confusing situation means that you’re working on yourself to better your personality and goals. The value of this is that positive speaking habits just influence our actions tremendously and subtly,” says John Butler of Ambitum Innovations.

Another great way to help yourself speak positivity is by respectfully expressing anything you wish to say. Most times opinionated individuals tend to be a tad bit blunt. Rather than expressing in a harmful manner, state your opinion respectfully. There is no reason to apologise for believing what you believe or thinking what you think. However, there is a way to say things — by doing this; you will be expressing positivity mannerism and words to whoever you are around. This will also help you in valuing positivity speaking abilities.