About Us

“Ambitum” is latin for compass. The whole idea behind Ambitum Innovations is that we provide direction for our clients. We specialise in forming direct marketing strategies for our clients. We focus on all aspects of the relationship between the client and the customer, including customer service, brand awareness, customer acquisition and customer retention.

The philosophy behind Ambitum Innovations is to personify the original meaning of the word ‘Ambitum’. Our promise to our clients is that we will enable a stronger relationship between the company and its customers through the personal approach of direct marketing. Its our passion and drive for success that will set us apart in this highly competitive industry.


Our strategies for this ultimate objective are based on understanding the main intersections of contact between the customer and the client and focusing on the areas that will improve the relationship in the most efficient way. The pillars of our strategies are customer acquisition, customer retention and brand awareness.


We always aim for for the highest level of quality possible. For each of the strategies we employ, we aim for 100% customer and client satisfaction. Our philosophy is always to focus on the efficiency and caliber of the approach, understanding that our growth is entirely dependent on the strength of the the foundations we build on a micro and macro level.

Why Ambitum?

Ambitum Innovations are consistently achieving synergistic results with our clients. The reason we can always guarantee the level of passion and ambition that our clients deserve is that we understand that our results are mutually beneficial. Within our organisation we are always looking for the next entrepreneur, the next person that has the will and work ethic to go the extra mile for our clients. What we aim to do is develop these individuals to the point where they can open new locations for our clients, simultaneously increasing our own market share. We operate a training program that facilitates this individual development and ensures that our growth is just as consistent as our results.

Find Us: Level 1, 3A Bridgewater Street, Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, L1 0AR